Living Life in the Third Sector

I work for a penniless charity. As a result, instead of earning a six figure sum in the private sector, or looking forward to retirement on a massive pension in the public sector, I choose to live on the bread line, eking out a hand to mouth existence, always one step from a cardboard box under a bridge.

Well okay, life’s not quite that bad in Cactus World, but it does come in handy if you can supplement your income with a few extras. Prostitution and illegal crime do have their attractions, but with my looks and luck they’re probably unlikely ever to make a significant contribution to my standard of living.

Since January 2008 I’ve been recording how much money I can make/save through collecting points, cashbacks, entering competitions and completing (mainly online) questionnaires. The key here is that I don’t spend any money on doing this, or make money in this way by not saving money through proper market research; (i.e. by not buying from the cheapest place from a company that I’m willing to do business with).  Now, this is not an undertaking to be considered lightly, as you need to devote a significant amount of time and effort to the enterprise on an almost daily basis. However, if you’re a true, economy-spirited individual, then you can do quite well out of it. Behold:

85 Month Total:  £6,088.62



Vouchers & Money Off Coupons:

£2,436 Amazon

£75 John Lewis

£53.50 Tesco

£69.25  Rail Refund

£500 Marks & Spencer

£370.50 Ocado

£85  Waitrose

£4 Maplin

£6.95 Surplus & Adventure

£45.17 eBay

£105.11 Argos

£13.45 Zavvi

£15.84 Play

£14.75  Game

Larger Items:

19” flat screen TV won in a draw for people who have shopped via Look Again

£1,000 won in a draw as a member of the classic FM Listeners’ Panel (included above)

£500 Marks & Spencers vouchers from a prize draw at Tickbox (included above)

2 Blu-ray films

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