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@£@&$%! Car!

That useless pile of metal outside where I live that vaguely resembles a car, failed to start yesterday morning.  Now what a surprise that is.  After failing to bump start it down a slope, I had to call the man from the garage out to get it going, again.  I got to work okay after that but then when I went to leave at the end of the day, it wouldn’t start again.  After failing to bump start it down another slope, I had to push it vaguely to the side of the road and leave it there.  All this effort strangely lead to a great number of expletives being hurled at the pile of metal I was trying to push about in the dark; in fact the most since I walked Offa’s Dyke about 18 months ago and got to hate all its hundreds of stiles.  I ended up borrowing an old van from work that had been sitting unused for several weeks, (but still managed to start first time with no problems, despite the fact it’s twice as old as my car), to get home in. So consumed with range was I about my car that it only dawned on me when I got home that I could have just jump started it from the van, which is what I did this morning.   I’m so looking forward to going back to the Ford garage to ask what exactly my £700 or so sorting out this problem has actually been spent on.

Still, the good news is that the Undertones are touring in April.  This has cheered me up.  The Undertones are the best band, ever.

Right now I’m listening to “Teenage Attack (Karaoke Version)” by the 21st Century Girls.