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Rise of the Planet of the Cats

It’s a New Year! Hurray! Penny decided to help herself to the tea from my mug this morning, but I then forgot she had and went and made myself a new cup without cleaning it first. Then she was sick on the lounge carpet. (I’m not sure what this says about our relative hygiene levels.) Over Christmas she’s also developed an almost obsessive need to sit right next to me when I’m trying to work on the computer, sitting on the mouse and occasionally wondering around on the table and stamping all over the keyboard; I think she’s trying to tell me something. I hope there’s not some sort of “Rise of the Planet of the Cats” kind of thing going on.  The bulb in my desk lamp has just stopped working too. Still, on the plus side it’s warm enough not to have to have the heating on at home. Welcome to 2012.

Right now I’m listening to “Boys of Summer” by Klubbheads.