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Poly Styrene RIP

Poly Styrene died today. She was only 53. This is very sad news. She was someone that was almost to punk for punk and the writer of one of the ten best punk songs ever:

Right now I’m listening to “Magic Mountain” by Therapy?.


Poor Friendly Kitten :-(

Mentally ill or just a nasty fucking human?  You decide! 


Right now I’m listening to “Low Winter Sun” by Therapy?

The No Win Scenero

A nightmare has come upon me.  The No Win Scenario is at hand.  My very own Kobayashi Maru, but unlike Captain Kirk I don’t think I’m going to get out of this one.  Therapy? is playing three nights in a row in London in March, for a live CD, with a different set each night.  Unfortunately, on the same three nights Random Hand are playing (on two of them) and the Automatic on the other; I already have tickets for these latter gigs as well.  If this wasn’t bad enough, I’ve also got gig clashes to deal with involving the Primitives vs King Blues, MC Lars vs the Stranglers and Stiff Little Fingers vs Power of Dreams.  This totally sucks*.  You don’t have to like any of these bands (and with my taste in music why on earth would you)?  However, I hope you can appreciate my pain.

*for those over 30 this means pisses me off.

Oh yes, happy 2010.

Right now I’m listening to “Live Young Die Fast” by Alkaline Trio.