What’s Up?

The summer has (sort of) arrived, finally.  This is a good thing; I’m especially looking forward to hearing the first person this year moan that it’s too hot.

I don’t seem to have written that much here for a while. I’d say I’ve been suffering from Writer’s Block, but as I don’t write anything worth reading anyway, this seems highly unlikely. It would be interesting to be able to say that I’d been abducted by aliens, but as I’ve used this particular excuse more than once in the past, again it seems unlikely that it would have happened to me again. So I guess I’ll just have to say that the dog ate my homework.  The fact that I don’t do homework or indeed have a dog either, isn’t that important right now; (geez, some people want every single little fact to add up in life.)/span>

Penny is fine; except with the onset of the warmer weather, every time I stroke her I’m left with what I can only describe as a tsunami of fur that engulfs my entire flat.  Strangely this leaves Penny no less furry than before (although I’m sure I do detect just the slightest of smirks on her face whenever it happens), but results in several hours of housework on my part, as I fight my way through the chaos this seasonal phenomena causes.  I’m sure I spotted a UN helicopter overhead at one point.

I watched Look this afternoon on DVD.  This is a film that was made to look like all the action was recorded on various security cameras and just covers a few days in the lives of a number of people whose stories interact.  Actually it’s pretty good and quite addictive.

Em, em, that’s it really.  Well, I also had some pasta, (soya) yogurt and three bananas to eat today, had a shower, opened a new bar of soap, realised I’d left the immersion heater on overnight for no reason, did some washing up (mostly bowls and spoons), folded up and put away some washing (mainly t-shirts and socks), wrote a couple of work e-mails, did a few press ups (I used to be about to do 250 now I struggle to do 40), cleaned four wall tiles in the shower (well I clean four every time I have a shower), switched the small fridge up to 5 (as it’s not keeping things cool enough) and drunk several cups of tea (Fairtrade and organic).  However, this is too banal even for me to record here; except that it’s apparently not.

Tonight I’m going to go and see Dirty Revolution and Sonic Boom Six at the Camden Barfly.  I’ve really got into variations of ska-punk music over the past six months.

Right now I’m listening to “Holding the Wire” by Echobelly.

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